August 27, 2009

Tom Ciancia, “Cocktail Pianist at Large”

Add a touch of


to your event

Thank you for visiting Tom’s website. Tom is a pianist and singer in the New Haven area. He has been playing professional piano for over 35 years and knows a large repertoire¬†of the most popular songs. Tom is available to play in restaurants and clubs and at parties, weddings and other social or business events. If you are interested hiring Tom, please contact him by email or phone using the contact information which is listed on this website. What makes Tom different? Cocktail/Dinner Jazz ( lightly interpretive arrangements of well known melodies, melded together to offer the finest experience in background ambience). And if the occasion warrants, vocals can be added to highlight favorite selections. Best of all, each performance is unique and customized to your audience, not some tired, worn-out playlist.